Thursday, 19 December 2013

Farnham Art Society's Pop-Up Gallery Closes.

They say better late than never, and so it was with this! The Farnham Art Society had a 'pop-up gallery' for the second year running, and it was proving to be very popular, with over 200 works of art from paintings to pottery to scultpure.

This year, the pop-up gallery was in Castle Street, and on the day it closed (for this year at least), I managed to get in and shoot some video and interview Jill Ferguson, committee member in the Society; I was also very lucky to be able to talk to and film local artist Sue Williams who just happened to be painting a card when I arrived.

As Jill explained, the Farnham Art Society has over 400 members which shows just how much the creative arts are supported in the town, and outlying villages. It's also a very active club, holding workshops, outings, talks and exhibitions throughout the year. Find out more on the Farnham Art Society website at

A big thank you to Jill and Sue for allowing me access to the gallery, and for being 'willing volunteers' to be filmed!

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