Saturday, 18 January 2014

Jo Aylwin: Textile Studio & Gallery

On the edges of the town centre you'll find a newly opened gallery and workshop featuring a range of textile crafts. The gallery, owned by Jo Aylwin features work from a number of textile artists and has something to suit all pockets - certainly when I was there filming there was everything from a button at £1, to works of art from award-winning artists at £700.

The gallery is located in the Woolmead centre (East Street), right down near to Lidl's, and is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - so next time you are down the town doing your weekend shopping, why not pop in and say 'hi' to Jo, and look at the excellent crafts... and maybe have a go yourself...

Here's Jo to tell you more...

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Flooding in and around Farnham...

With the recent rainfall, the level of the River Wey that runs through Farnham has already risen quite substantially; down at Gostrey Meadows (near to the Central Car Park), and outside the Farnham Maltings, it's clear to see.

The Environment Agency has been issuing flood warnings due to the expected arrival of yet another storm, bringing high winds and heavy rain - how much more can the River Wey take before it bursts its banks?

Well a quick check on the flood reports for the area show that Farnham should be okay - there are no flood warnings in force. However, out at Elstead and Eashing there is a flood warning. Find out more at the Environment Agency website at 

However, what do you think..? The forecast is for up to another two days of rain...

Friday, 20 December 2013

Enjoy yourself over the festive period!

Even though the Farnham360 project has just got started, and there's a few things already lined up for 2014, it's time to focus on (the madness that is) Christmas!

So, here's a quick video to say "Merry Christmas"...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Farnham Art Society's Pop-Up Gallery Closes.

They say better late than never, and so it was with this! The Farnham Art Society had a 'pop-up gallery' for the second year running, and it was proving to be very popular, with over 200 works of art from paintings to pottery to scultpure.

This year, the pop-up gallery was in Castle Street, and on the day it closed (for this year at least), I managed to get in and shoot some video and interview Jill Ferguson, committee member in the Society; I was also very lucky to be able to talk to and film local artist Sue Williams who just happened to be painting a card when I arrived.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Farnham Arts Society... Be Quick!

Quick post, just to let you know that the Farnham Arts Society pop-up gallery on Castle Street closes tomorrow (Thursday 20th December)... I popped in the other day and I'm hoping to return to grab some video footage of the shop and superb artwork that it holds; whilst I still can!

Get down to Castle Street and take a look yourself...

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Victoria Garden

The Victoria Garden was built on the site of the Farnham open air swimming pool, and is literally 250m away from the Central Car Park in town.

I went down there on another grey December day to shoot some video as a sort of visual notebook for a future video, whilst I was there I got talking to a lady who knew the site when it was a swimming pool. Although she didn't want to appear on camera, I did manage to record some audio of her talking about her memories.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

A (Foggy) December Walk

So, there I was sitting waiting for the fog to clear on a cold, damp December day; it never did clear, so I figured I go out shooting the following morning. When the morning came, it was foggy again. In the end, I went out anyway to grab some shots around Farnham, Surrey.

Farnham 360 is a personal project to try and capture the essence of my home town; it's a place that sits on the Surrey / Hampshire border and from the centre of the town you can be in wide open spaces within minutes, or sitting next to the river, or walking around an 11th century church.

There's so much to see, little details that people just don't notice as they go about their daily tasks; and so it was that on a foggy day in December, I found myself doing a short walk from the town centre with a view to making a short video.